The Valjour Royale estate located at Mountain Spring, Jacks Hill, Skyline Drive, Kingston, The Valjour Royale estate located at Mountain Spring, Jacks Hill, Skyline Drive, Kingston, Jamaica owned, controlled & where Joan Lindo & Alexander Lindo live is not for sale. If you come into contact with anyone claiming to be in charge or better yet, claiming to be the owner of our estate, kindly report them to us, so that we can have them arrested. In addition, the only developments that will take place at this address in the future are those commissioned by Joan Lindo and Alexander Lindo the ONLY legal owners of the estate!

All of the hate, lies, defamation, propaganda, sabotage, terrorization, all the efforts to befriend, bribe our friends and loved ones in an effort to render us alone, all efforts to stalk, block and sabotage all business deals in an effort to render us moneyless, all the efforts to render our home and our lives in darkness, all of the efforts to delegitimize and defraud legitimate law abiding prime property owners will not break us and will not go unpunished. All evil plots return back to the sender. As in the words of the great, brilliant and talented Alexander Lindo in his song “The Fight Is Ours”: Nothing will stop us now, no-one will hold us down, the fight is for victory”. 

After a lifetime of helping the needy, less fortunate and helping to build a bright future for the youth of Jamaica, after hosting several successful fundraisers, after a lifetime of making excellent business decisions, despite the many parasites that have tried and continue to try to suck us dry, managing to maintain, sustain and keep everything that we own, we stand tall with resilience and it must be reinforced that the day we give up on our purpose, who we are and what we OWN will never come. Joan Lindo and Alexander Lindo are here today and we are here to stay!

Once again if you are approached by any scammers regarding this property or any other property that we OWN contact your local authorities. To all scammers and land developers who thought they had something here, your time ⏰ has run out!

In other news: when COVID is over we will be hosting events at Valjour Royale as we did before. Stay safe!