Happy Birthday Mom

Happy birthday to my powerful, strong, courageous and loving mother Joan Lindo, a majestic woman of substance. After enduring several atrocities including defamation, assault, conspiracy to defraud her of her empire, the attempted murder by poisoning numerous times during the holiday season by the syndicate of land developers, she kept on going when she was weak and in pain from the poison with great faith and hope knowing that God was with her. Today she remains resilient, fighting for justice and equality not just for herself and her son but for all the citizens of Jamaica and the world at large. The world is indeed a much better place with a woman of such love, purity and prestigious caliber. The radiance and love shines through her beauty despite the undeniable war waged against her and her son. Her fighting spirit gives me even more energy to fight. Best wishes from now until the end-of-time with health, youthful appearance, prosperity and happiness. May all your desires be fulfilled. – from your son Alexander Lindo

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my powerful, talented, brilliant and gifted superstar son, who has made me proud of his achievements, continue to be strong, proud and resilient despite the evil unscrupulous war waged against you. With God’s continued devoted love for you, you will conquer every obstacle and serve your purpose that God has sent you here to full-fill. Who God blesses no man can curse! – Love Mom

Portland Land for Sale

40 Acre property in Fairy Hill, Portland, Jamaica owned by Joan Lindo and Alexander Lindo is waiting to be transformed! The surrounding community boasts famous Boutique Hotels: San San Beach, Frenchmen’s Cove & Boston Jerk Center etc. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing!

Remembering Rupert Lindo

Remembering Rupert Lindo, a very dedicated, loving, devoted father and husband who always put his family and those he loved first. He was a charismatic, fun, loving person and believed in living life to the fullest. Today marks his departure from this land but there is no doubt his spirit lives on. We admire and appreciate the standards that you have set for which we have maintained. We will always love you. – From his wife Joan Lindo and his son Alexander Lindo

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to my powerful, strong, resilient, dedicated and loving mother. You encourage and empower me. You are a source of my inspiration. You always push, never giving up or backing down, a true fighter and a true leader. Wishing you health, prosperity, peace, happiness and many more years of youthful appearance.